Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Wedding album and Pictures are something most cherished by the friends and the family for years. They are these cheerful memories reminding you of the reminiscing the times of your wedding vows and a new start.

Creating a story board for the video shoot – a story line

Assisting photography team on selection of venue for pre- wedding photo-shoot, color combination of dresses, selection of backgrounds for those picture perfect moments.

Understanding various moods of the bride and capturing them to create a beautiful wedding magazine just for the bride.

Designing the photo album with the help of an art director for citing a story in a form of story coming together.

Finding the right photographer and video grapher.

Managing times lines and schedules.

Pre-wedding shoots, family portraits, bridal portraits.

Makeup and styling for photo shoots.

Make-Up and Hair

Well styled and perfect make-up makes a gorgeous bride. A thoughtful stylist will ensure the subtlety is maintained keeping in mind –that Bride is indeed a showstopper for the evening.

Suggesting artists and discussing the complete look with the artists’ team.

Hiring a professional make-up artist available at the venue to complete the desired look.

Understanding the color combination of the wedding dress and taking suggestions from the bride on her overall look.

Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists:

For the bride, groom and your guests.

Saree draping for bride and guests.