Decor Management

Decor Management

Guiding the vendors to deliver as per the designs discussed and finalized with the client

Keeping a track of the material used in the designs and structures for the desired outcome as per the blueprint of the final copy of designs.

Handing individual vendors and maintaining a quality check on the finalized elements including floral arrangements – if delivered as promised and finalized.

Stage Management

One of the most important task is to run the show. With stage management and a planned entry and exit of the performances and other entertainment on the stage requires expertise and presence of mind.

Understanding the dimensions of the venue. Fitting perfectly and aesthetically with the entire theme and design of the function.

Cue sheet for audio visuals team, artist/celebrity management team, Emcee interaction, guest handling team.

Coordination with Production/AV runners .

Back stage management .

Managing Emcee interaction with audience .

Coordination with venue staff for necessary licensing work required in case of celebrity performances or other music licenses.