Meet The Team

Meet Our Experienced Team

Dheera Likhi

I am Dheera Likhi, founder and creative director of Parinaya Sutra. I started planning destination and corporate events at a very early age of 23years out of my passion to create and a streak called attention to detail.

So, I am few of the planners who started a vertical coming from a profession corporate experience to bring that professional touch to the industry of wedding and wedding events. I love to travel and thus, come up with exclusive wedding destination for every pocket. It is the power of visualisation that I feel that I am blessed with, that helps my clients to see through the same window.  I studied Mass Communication and served as a Journalist talking and spending a lot of time with people. Special ability to communicate and pass on the message as I envisage it. I was meant to be a Politician maybe but fate brought me straight to the Event Planning and wedding world when by coincidence I met on few on the same voyage and gave me confidence to start things on my own.

I am an addicted to weddings! I cannot have enough of the energy, enthusiasm and satisfaction that this profession gives me every day and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

I absolutely adore designing and coordinating events that are extremely detail oriented. I am obsessed with décor and styling, adding that extra touch to all my events that will bring them to the highest level of perfection and exclusivity. I love the challenge of creating new concept design that will surprise clients and vendors.

Couples and suppliers always wonder if I ever rest as it is no surprise to receive a message from me during the night! The truth is that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with some inspiration and my creative mind never rests!

An achiever and marketing leader with proven ability in managing high-performance co-located teams, deadline-driven projects and programs requiring spot-on thinking and innovation.

Landscapes intrigues me, colors play havoc in my mind till I find a perfect blend and arrangement in my head.

Khurram Khan

When there is something more than décor and themes to the wedding, I am your guy. Time to pull up your socks and do some research and planning for logistic and cost control. Budget Management comes naturally to me, I am known for my tough negotiations.

I am the guy who wears the ‘glasses’ here. Looking for loop-holes and straightening those rough edges comes in handy. An engineer by education and problem-solver when in need.

I can cold heartedly kill an idea if it isn’t feasible and boy, Dheera gets mad. We are a team that fits. I love my phone and reddit and trust me, that has come handy many times.

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