Meet The Team

Meet Our Experienced Team

Dheera Likhi

I am Dheera Likhi, founder and creative director of Parinaya Sutra. I started planning destination and corporate events at a very early age of 23years out of my passion to create and a streak called attention to detail.

So, I am few of the planners who started a vertical coming from a profession corporate experience to bring that professional touch to the industry of wedding and wedding events. I love to travel and thus, come up with exclusive wedding destination for every pocket. It is the power of visualisation that I feel that I am blessed with, that helps my clients to see through the same window.  I studied Mass Communication and served as a Journalist talking and spending a lot of time with people. Special ability to communicate and pass on the message as I envisage it. I was meant to be a Politician maybe but fate brought me straight to the Event Planning and wedding world when by coincidence I met on few on the same voyage and gave me confidence to start things on my own.

I am an addicted to weddings! I cannot have enough of the energy, enthusiasm and satisfaction that this profession gives me every day and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

I absolutely adore designing and coordinating events that are extremely detail oriented. I am obsessed with décor and styling, adding that extra touch to all my events that will bring them to the highest level of perfection and exclusivity. I love the challenge of creating new concept design that will surprise clients and vendors.

Couples and suppliers always wonder if I ever rest as it is no surprise to receive a message from me during the night! The truth is that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with some inspiration and my creative mind never rests!

An achiever and marketing leader with proven ability in managing high-performance co-located teams, deadline-driven projects and programs requiring spot-on thinking and innovation.

Landscapes intrigues me, colors play havoc in my mind till I find a perfect blend and arrangement in my head.

Khurram Khan

When there is something more than décor and themes to the wedding, I am your guy. Time to pull up your socks and do some research and planning for logistic and cost control. Budget Management comes naturally to me, I am known for my tough negotiations.

I am the guy who wears the ‘glasses’ here. Looking for loop-holes and straightening those rough edges comes in handy. An engineer by education and problem-solver when in need.

I can cold heartedly kill an idea if it isn’t feasible and boy, Dheera gets mad. We are a team that fits. I love my phone and reddit and trust me, that has come handy many times.


Founder- Eleven11 Weddings

7 years of experience in the wedding industry. Have created almost more than 200 beautiful memories so far. Her designs are remarkable, listens to the client patiently and deliver the exact replica of the designs somebody has in their brains. Full of options you can say no to. Always on her toes to create the most beautiful experience for her beloved clients. Wakes up all night to create the exact setup what she presents to the clients.

She knows how to impress the bride with her choice of colours. There’s no bride who would have given the brief twice. Design themes and concepts which people save as mood boards. Vendors love working with her since she make them create something they get awestruck with. Word of mouth has always worked for her now you know the reason why!


Rohit Sharma

Rohit is a straight and honest guy with taste for simple things in life. He is indeed the backbone of the company with this never give-up attitude, that hasn’t changed in all these years. From his unparalleled dedication to sharp wit, he can make his way straight into your heart. A die hard, Sharukh fan who loves to flaunt it too.

Rohit is surely an asset and pleasure to be around.


Sunita Gupta

We call her our ’Pataka’. She is the favorite and most called for, at any function. She is the woman who makes things happen. Her magic wand is her grips over her vendors. With zero history of no-show by any of her vendors, she continues to slay every timeline given to her.

Sunita is a little bundle of surprises, with her sharp ‘Lucknavi’ accent, she holds command. She is our fortress holder, (Hodor) and is a charming person with big aspirations. Definitely, fun to work with and eager to learn.

Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh
Co-Founder- Eleven11 Weddings

For him, creativity comes from within. He can make a client visualise the dream wedding by his words. No doubt he has got the best presentation skills. His experience with the big fat Indian weddings speak for him. Very well versed with destinations to get married at and the best venues.

Always on his toes, he makes sure of every single detail to be replicated as it is while it comes to production. Don’t go by his looks, the more cute and easy he looks, the more management skills he has got. He knows how to make someone work as hard and long for hours until the work is done. Believes in delivering the best and out of the box to which client can’t say no ever. Even if they, alternative ideas are ready in his mind.

Saajan Ali

Saajan Ali

Saajan as his name suggests, is our ’dearest’. Not only does he fulfil everyone’s demand from uploading images to finding quotes from vendors, he ensures his job is done right and without an error. Saajan is a jack of all and master of accomplishment. He can make anyone laugh so effortlessly; beauty is he won’t even realize.

He is the youngest in our team and curious out of all. Sajaan sheer dedication and willingness to learn has made him achieve all of this. This guy is a self-made boy.



The politest person you’d come across. We have lost several bets to see him angry at most difficult situations. His warm approach in client servicing and managing guests at weddings, is irreplaceable. Sumit never gets bogged down by any tasks at hand, till he finishes it, and mind you in the politest way possible.

He is a master at remembering people at events and that’s his gift. Sumit is a social bird who loves to mingle. He is our go-to guy, very reliable and a go-getter.

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